The Human Condition

The human condition is an inexplicable mass of contradiction. For example, our ability to believe the most ridiculous things in spite of masses of evidence to the contrary. For example: If I put the cigarettes on the TV instead of by my chair I won’t smoke as much. If I don’t activate my credit card I won’t buy so much crap. If I don’t buy snack food I will lose weight. If . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

One thought on “The Human Condition”

  1. We humans let our lives be ruled by convictions , rules , norms , and loads and loads of it .

    The human condition is such that we cannot afford to waste a single moment of our lives . It is drummed into us that we , like automatons , must earn , play , sleep , eat and work , at dictated times, in measured amounts. Any deviance is considered abnormal , suspect and must be shunned like contagion .

    I remember my grandfather , few years before his death. He would sit , for hours , at the window . Doing nothing , watching sunshine play across the yard , the full day long . People saw him , sighed and said “He is wasting his time “.

    But how do you know ? He was living . Probably , more alive to the nature , the sun , wind , rain , birds twittering , buds blooming , than we were , rushing about in confused circles of life . He was not wasting his time , we were wasting ours . On trifles , on useless chit chat , mindless chores , never ending grind .

    I can still see him , at the window , his tiny bald head bobbing , glistening in the afternoon sun , smiling at a bird chirping at the window-sill , or at some old memory , nodding his head , in sage wisdom , grinning his toothless grin.

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