Got a Pen

She pulled a paper napkin from her lunch sack. She looked around for a pen with no luck. She stood up and walked among the others around her asking, “Got a pen?” One woman said yes, but then couldn’t find her pen. When she got to me I reached in my very organized purse and extracted a pen.

I wanted to start a conversation, so I asked her, “What are you writing?” She . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

One thought on “Got a Pen”

  1. The lady at the counter was miffed and overworked .

    She was middle aged , and had an expansive midriff , not unlike mine . She too, grunted while bending . She had rivulets of sweat running down her temples . Long snaky queues of men and women waited to send registered parcels and letters , or buy postal stationery .

    She got up to weigh someones parcel and had just sat down when a scrawny guy walked up. He held a scrawny envelope , not unlike himself . He didn’t have anyone’s name put down on the sender’s list .

    “Bhai ! You’ll need to write your name ”
    The bhai stood frozen , rooted , speechless. She repeated her request . No answer. She then , asked him “Got a pen ? Write down your name , mister !”
    He swivelled back , to scan crowds around him , as if the question was directed to someone else .
    She sighed and pulled a drawer open . Fishing out a ballpen , sans the cap , She asked the guy , “What was your name again?”
    A flash of relief crossed over his worried face .

    Working for years now , the lady could spot an illiterate person , while I thought this guy was a plain idiot , or maybe deaf .

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