The Wildlife


Even in the city we are surrounded by wildlife. I can walk outside my door and find rabbits, roadrunners, coyotes, Cooper’s hawks, ducks and who knows what else doing their thing in my neighborhood. It’s the tiny wildlife that bother me. The ants, the spiders, the lizards, the beetles and all the other little critters than come inside my house. I love them outside, but inside – not so much.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “The Wildlife”

  1. Wildlife=wild life
    and around here it means
    snakes that find they’re way where they are not supposed to be
    and hummingbirds battling by the feeders
    and a gray squirrel stalking feeders
    where finches quarrel with each other for position
    and woodpeckers screaming
    when their seed cake is gone.
    And we two old people
    scurry to fill feeders, put out seed cakes,
    scare black snakes out of the root cellar and henhouse,
    and watch all this wildness from our rockers on the porch.

    It’s a wild life, all right.

  2. Wildlife makes itself heard , early in the morning .

    A migratory bird issues full-throated mating calls that go , “Kreee-kreee, kree -kree”. It takes utmost care to hide itself in the lush vegetation , so it remains unspotted and unnamed . I say , migratory because I have never heard this call before . Mating , because of the bellicose notes .
    A bit of pale snakeskin was discovered by the potted plants a few days ago . This ,on the reptile free promise of the fifth floor .

    Bulbuls come to eat certain berries off my plants . They are glistening black in colour , and look positively poisonous to me .
    When a certain trumpet shaped flower bloomed in one of my pots , a pretty small wild visitor would make quick and noisy pit-stops . A male-female pair of purple sunbird . They are some of the prettiest birds ever seen . Like their cousins , hummingbirds , they have curved beaks for nectar -eating , are small in size , and extremely difficult to spot . But their “cheep-cheep” , is audible alright.

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