My grandmother didn’t curse. When really frustrated she would spell out S-H-I-T. Maybe she cursed when I wasn’t around. But her son, my father, couldn’t get through a sentence without some sort of curse word. He used to brag that he talked like a drunken sailor. He never said a goddam thing that didn’t need a strong curse. And me, what position do I take on cursing?

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Curse”

  1. To curse or not to curse—that is the question. On a personal basis, it’s a release valve letting you blow off steam. It gives emphasis to your statement as it allows you to climb the ladder of indignation of whatever conflict you’re contending with at a particular moment in time.

  2. I have hypertension and am a worry wart. A good lesson I learned quite a while ago is to curse with machine gun fire rapidity while driving when someone bothers me with their poor driving. I don’t ever make hand gestures – I should say finger gestures. I use the same word repeatedly. Ever since I began cursing while driving my blood pressure has dropped. In my case, it works. For someone else, probably not. There’s another side to this. Not too many folks expect a senior lady with silvery hair to curse. Sometimes I can spot a bad driver when I’m cursing catch my lips moving and sending them a quick icy stare. I enjoy their shocked look.

  3. Everyone curses while driving . If they don’t , they ought to . Specially , on crazy roads like ours .
    Last week some one was jumping the lights , and came at me, full-tilt , at 90 degrees . I cursed and braked . I think he cursed and braked too . Then we each went our way . Un harmed .
    A woman cursed at me when I was holding her up at a junction . I saw her lips move and hands made some threatening gestures . I saw it all in my rear view mirror.
    Your front wheels take a dip into a water filled pothole .The car stalls .It wont restart. Your progeny ducks her head between her knees . What do you do ? Besides cranking up the car again ? People are already honking at your back.
    I can already see the contents of her next class essay , titled “The most embarrassing moment of my life “.

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