Staying Sane

The news is so crazy, the outrage and anger are overwhelming, the situation in the country is so fraught, it makes me crazy. It makes me want to hide. How can you stay sane in an atmosphere like this? Sit outside and watch the stars at night? Watch “The Mindy Project” on TV? Go for a walk and forget the whole mess? We’ve got to take care of ourselves in this nutso time.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Staying Sane”

  1. Staying sane in this frenetic world we live in is a daunting task. The best option we have is to get lost in the things we enjoy doing while trying to elude all the negative energy that’s being sent out there into the universe. In many cases creativity engenders beauty which in turn pleases the beholder and the spirit while shrouding us with a sense of calmness. It’s one way to cope with the craziness that surrounds us on a day-to-day basis.

  2. It has not been easy staying sane since the election. I’ve truly had to work very hard at it. There is at least a glimmer of light. Mr. Bigly was hugely in trouble this past week. Not one day passed when the unbelievably disgusting behavior of our sitting President was not in play. I have signed numerous petitions from the very beginning. Just this week I made certain to thank the Senators from Alaska and Maine for being courageous in not allowing Mr. Bigly to intimidate them. These are small things that I have done that have helped me to move out of the depression Mr. Bigly’s behavior has caused me. We need more women in government who will not allow bullies to win. And hats off to McCain in producing a grand closing to the vote yesterday. I feel confident it will be a little easier for me staying sane now.

  3. Excess of words
    Libellous tirades
    Words profane
    Nothing to gain
    Suggest ways
    to stay sane

    no calling of name
    build a solid frame
    of ethics , all the same
    There is no shame
    thereby stay sane

    dont follow the crowd
    break the mould
    Painful , lonely , outcast
    Follow your heart , at least
    insulate against searing pain
    hence stay faithfully sane

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