I would love to go to London with you. We could use my frequent flyer miles.


Well, yes, I think they can be transferred.

You and who? You want to go to London on my miles but you don’t want to go with me?


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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

One thought on “Love”

  1. He scratched his head .

    “That movie ? But you have read the book haven’t you ? ”

    “Yeah, I have . Twice ,but I still want to watch the movie ! It’s okay if you don’t want to come .” She said and looked down . He knew she wanted to watch the movie badly . At the same time , she didn’t want to go alone . He understood her really well.

    Besides , it was not safe for her to go alone . this was a small town , and english movies with hindi dubbing were watched by very few. Just a fistful of enthusiasts.

    In the movie hall, he was happy he came along . Just to see her clap , smile and shout at the characters in the movie . Even if the movie itself didn’t seem to make any sense for him . He hated magic shows since his childhood , and these guys were waving wands and doing lots of magic .

    He made a mental note to read all the seven books , even if he found them gibberish .Just so that he could hold night-long conversations with her , on the various characters , events in the stories ,she loved so much .

    Years later , he would acquire the CDs of all the movies , so he could stay up and watch them with her , or just watch her , watching them.

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