Dan crouched behind the leafless lilac bush. He quickly rolled up 5 new snowballs. His mittens were soggy but he hardly noticed.

“Come out, you yellow bellied coward,” Tom called.

Snowballs at the ready, Dan stepped out and began to fire missiles at Tom, who was next to the garage. “Take that, you villain!” Dan shouted. Tom ran an evasive zigzag across the snow. He carried a giant snowball – as big as a basketball. It was aimed straight for Dan’s head.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Yellow”

  1. She loved the color yellow. After blue it was her favorite color. Blue for the sky and yellow for the sun. Baby chicks, sunflowers, some shades of blonde hair, pound cake, butter, and corn on the cob. All good things. Yellow made her happy. It splashed across her bedroom walls when she woke up on sunny days. Yellow is a very happy color for her.

  2. For hours , during winters , he would lounge in the rectangle of yellow light coming in from the sun . He would follow the sunlit lint particles , and try to snap them up . One jab and they flew off , in a small cloud . He would sigh , contentedly , lay his head on his paws , and doze .

    His large , shaggy frame would block the door .People had to step over hi , and in case of the baby , crawl over him , to get across.

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