She moved to a house in the country so she could see the stars. I thought of her this morning as I rolled my trash barrels out to the alley for trash pickup day. It was still dark. I looked up at the sky and picked out the constellations I recognize. She knows what she’s doing, my friend, because looking at stars is good for your soul.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Stars”

  1. That week it rained , and rained .

    As if Gods had left the taps on and forgot to turn it off. Said Sibo as she moped around .Her jobs increased tremendously . In the cramped space of her hut , She had to dry the washing , make a make-shift chullah(oven) by sacrificing a good aluminium bucket , and store firewood indoors . One third of her good pots would be placed at strategic points to catch the drips.

    On the third night of rain , there was a lull in the rain , and Sibo cooked on her dear beloved outdoor wood stove . A large thud emanated from the hut . A part of the roof had caved in , given up after being lashed by rain . The floor was a mess of splintered rotten bamboo, and stinking heap of sodden straw. Sibo was close to tears .

    Bhushan stopped smoking . He got up and cleared the floor with a broom and threw away the trash . He then spread dry gunny sacks on the floor . It was a miracle . Sibo went back to her cooking , in silent gratitude . When she brought in his roti on a steel thali , he was lying down,face up , hands locked behind the head , and admiring the jagged edged gaping hole left by the missing piece of roof . He smiled at Sibo. Another miracle. Sibo didn’t like it . A succession of good events put her on the defensive .

    “Can you see ?” Bhushan pointed up”All those stars suddenly smiling down at us “

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