The Poker Game

The poker game lasted for hours. It was raining in the forest and all four of us were in Janie’s big tent. Two cots gave us seating and we put our cards on top of the ice chest. For a while I was winning, then Shay took all my winnings with a full house. I hate losing, even if it’s only matches. Tomorrow I would play a trick on Shay to get even . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

One thought on “The Poker Game”

  1. She remembered the poker game very well. Her husband always liked playing poker with his friends. The last game she recalled he’d had at their home. That day she’d gone to the library and taken out a few books. She was looking forward to settling down in their bedroom that evening to read while he played cards. It wasn’t often that she was able to spend uninterrupted time with a good book. Everything was ready that night in the rec room. She’d set a table against a wall with all sorts of food. Soda and beer was chilling in the frig. The children were in bed asleep. When her husband came home with one of his friends he checked on things in the rec room. He’d asked her some question that she couldn’t remember and she’d responded. Then she said “goodnight” and went upstairs to their bedroom to read. Sometime later he came stomping angrily upstairs and slammed the door open. He hurried over to her as she jumped out of the bed and grabbed her by the throat screaming all the while. She didn’t understand what had happened….what caused his anger. She blacked out for a few seconds………

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