My boss suggested I take a mini-vacation. She said I’d been working too hard and too many hours. She didn’t want me to burn out.

I pulled out a map of the state – yeah, an actual paper map – and looked at the possible mini-vacation sites within a couple hours drive.

I decided on a tourist town up in the mountains where I could rent a cabin, hike in the woods, and find good restaurants for the evening meal. I stuffed some clothes in a duffle bag, grabbed my hiking boots, and . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Mini-Vacation”

  1. Her older son had a very special relationship with his grandmother. He was her first grandchild and she doted on him. Although she worked full-time she always looked forward to having him spend a mini-vacation with her on weekends. He had his own small overnight bag. He also owned a teeny carry-all for his 1960’s Matchbox vehicles. The latter were beautiful miniature diecast cars, trucks, and bright colors. These were so popular at the time. They were well constructed and had many details. He loved those mini-vacations. You would have thought he was traveling to Europe. He would carefully pack his overnight bag with his pj’s and favorite toy animal. Lastly he would, with great care, assemble his Matchbox vehicles into the carry-all and lock it. Now he was ready for his adventure with his grandmother. Now he was ready for his mini-vacation.

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