“What about him? He’s hot,” Sheryl was hissing in my ear as we watched men walk by in the mall.

“Obviously married,” I said.

“Oh, look at the biceps on that one!”

“Nope. You know he’s taking drugs for that look. No sex drive.”

“Don’t you see anyone you like?”

“I kind of dig that guy looking at a copy of ‘War and Peace’ inside the bookstore. I think I’ll go talk to him.”

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

One thought on “Hot”

  1. Monday was hot . So was Tuesday. The clouds began gathering around tuesday evening and accuweather predicted thunderstorm . Tuesday night came and went . The clouds dispersed . No rain . Some relief from the wind that blew off the clouds .

    “Phew it is hot ” Say the child who has alighted from the bus , and dragged her satchel through !20 metres of gravelly path and up four flights of bumpy stairs . Even the words in the books have begun shimmying by now . The base of the bag is giving out sparks from all that friction , and is in the danger of becoming threadbare . The water in the bottle is fairly hot , and the tiffin is steaming with the fumes of uneaten , putrified , sandwiches .

    The water in the taps are scalding and the perspiring child is sitting , crosslegged , in front of the AC in her unifom . A bath and three large mugs of “nimboo -paani ” later , she has slept off , without any lunch . Heat , energy sapping , humidity , stifling. 38 degrees.

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