Enter Here

For 6 weeks I secretly spit out the ‘vitamin’ they gave us each morning. My head was clear. I spoke to a couple of people I trusted about not taking the pills as well. The three of us formed a pact. The next time the Enter Here sign started flashing, we were going to make a run for it. When the long line to obey the sign formed, we would hide in the bathroom. Then . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Enter Here”

  1. How did the universe know? Okay, I agree, It’s my time to move on.. A few dramatic hours in the ER was my only notice A smiling aged woman in a blue indigo sari, leaned toward me, whispered, “Elderly, now,” She held the door open. With her other arm, waved me forward, “Enter Here for the next trip.”

  2. She could hardly wait to visit the Adventure Park in town. She was ten years old and it was the first time her mother agreed to take her there. The anticipation filled her with nervous energy. She could barely sit still on the trolley car taking them to their destination. They disembarked in front of the neon blinking sign over the park entry with giant lettering “Enter Here!” The first thing they did was take a small boat ride into a dark tunnel named “The Tunnel of Fright.” The air was dank. It was pitch black. All was silent. It was frightening waiting to see what might appear in the tunnel but she felt safe sitting next to her mother. All of a sudden there was a roar and illuminated ugly creatures of all kinds undulated up from the floor – down from the ceiling – out from the walls. She screamed and screamed and screamed. There was no stopping her now.

  3. The shopping complex had a perfect entrance .

    It lay on the road from the city . First the entry , with a petrol refilling station to your right , and the offices , the billing booths and the main building to your left. You parked your vehicle beyond the greengrocers , walked a small road between the parked two wheelers and then walked into the air conditioned world of human consumption . Neat labelled shelves full of merchandise . Food items , utensils , luggage , clothing , plasticware , all in their separate sections . Occasionally , salespersons will be found sitting on unopened cardboard boxes , arranging bottles of shampoo from another box , onto shelves .

    In short , a world of perfection . Well , as they say , perfection is a mirage .

    So , one fine day , a trip to the aforementioned place met with strange mutations in signs , and chaotic traffic jam at both the entrance and the exit . Upon enquiry , it was revealed that the former exit was the new entrance with a large “Enter here ” written in cheeky neon , and vice versa . So , now you entered through the backdoor , with a wall to your right and the LPG cylinder godown to your left.

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