1993 Geo Metro

People stared at her on the street when Marianne drove her Geo Metro. I guess they couldn’t believe the thing still ran. She loved it – great gas mileage and tiny enough for the most crowded parking spaces.

Marianne didn’t have a bit of trouble with that little car until the day she got a call from . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

One thought on “Metro”

  1. There were two serpentine queues . Two different routes . Yellow line , blue line . There were some charts and maps, displaying which line goes where , but I always found it better to ask a stranger . My neighbour’s mouth was full of “paan” , but he still ventured to indicate that I was standing in the correct queue , if I had to get to the station K.

    I was issued a plastic token , which was imperative for the gates to open . A flood of commuters accompanied me to the said platform. We climbed down two flight of stairs , went under a dimly lit culvert , and emerged onto a neon lit platform . All my co- passengers were young . Young and fit . Two words , light weight . Travelling via metro , reinforced another bitter truth . You have to be fit enough to jog alongside and board the train swiftly, thin enough to squeeze yourself in at rush hour , and strong enough to hold your ground and not be swept off your feet when the train brakes , suddenly. Secondly , minimal luggage . Preferably rucksacks , anything superfluous will be a millstone around your neck .

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