The Zoo

Butler reunion Sept. 2017

Sunday was zoo day for me. I went to the Oregon Zoo where a giraffe found something delectable on a tree. I found the green canopy, the ferns, the moss, and the huge trees delectable, because I spend most of my time in the desert. Green is good for your eyes and your soul is what I feel every time I’m in the Pacific Northwest. There I am reminded what rain can do to a landscape.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

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2 thoughts on “The Zoo”

  1. They all were happy about today’s excursion. It was going to be their first trip to the new zoo. It was supposed to be state of the art with the perfect environment for the creatures. As they rode to the zoo in their chartered vans they sang songs about freedom. They joked. They giggled. They were happier than they’d been in a long, long time. Finally they arrived at their destination. The exterior of the building was impressively large. It had an incredible array of foundation plantings. Once they were inside, however, it was very different. Very plain. No vegetation to be seen. It seemed oppressively quiet. Finally they began their tour at the first exhibit after the ticket counter. They couldn’t understand why the inhabitants of the glassed in cages were so silent and sad looking. They just sat or lay there – eyes downturned – absolutely lifeless. Gee, couldn’t they get over the fact that everything was reversed now? It was the animals’ turn to be free. Humans had better get over their new way of living fast. They better learn to adapt.

  2. “He , he ,he !” Normally taciturn Abhi was chuckling , hanging his head full of scant , lanky unkempt hair . He hung it from the neck , permanently. Gazing at the floor in some deep contemplation . Just a mild swaying , like a pendulum , or as Manishka used to say “like a rotten fruit reluctant to drop”.

    The staff were in a tizzy . Tidying , cleaning , disinfecting . It was the big day of the month . The inspection day . Abhi would chuckle , fall silent , chuckle again . Gaunt hands hanging by his side , his filthy clothes hanging loose over his bony frame , he embodied the pathos of a madhouse . Mostly , he was silent . Today , he wasn’t .

    Suddenly , whipping his hairy head up , he glared at all through the curtain of his locks , and breathed “You are in a zoo. Y’all. They’re gonna come and see you . You caged animals!!” He spat with disgust , and hung his head , silent again .

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