Moon dance

I discovered a moon dance on a rocky hill near my campground in the Rocky Mountains. The noise attracted me and I approached. There were 13 women. They introduced themselves to me as Wiccan, but I always thought of them as witches because of what happened afterwards.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Moon dance”

  1. They’d rented transportation via a small plane to a lake in Canada. It was the only way to get in. There was a very primitive cabin on the shoreline of the lake and the rental property was completely surrounded by a very dense forest. This was to be his dream come to. He loved fishing and it the lake was reputed to be very good for fishing. She brought books to read and they had a small battery powered radio for music, as well as emergency communication. The very first night they built a small campfire at the edge of the lake. It was a beautiful fall moonlit night. They had mixed a few cocktails and sat a safe distance around the campfire area. She had worn a bright red sweater which really stood out in the brilliant moonlight. As they quietly sat sipping a before dinner drink talking and watching the campfire she decided to go over to add a few more pieces of firewood. All of a sudden there was a spark on her sweater. Next she could see what appeared to be fireflies as tiny sparks would begin to light helter skelter on the front of her sweater. She jumped sideways, up and down, and then ran over to the shallow edge of the lake and jumped in up to her neck. That did it! It put the end to what they forever after laughed about and called her Moon Dance.

  2. Moonlight affects all of us . Some are affected more than the others . There was this queer family , that used to live in this high rise apartment . Queer as in strange .

    Every full moon , a strain of ghostly soulful music used to emanate , and we could see a boy , always the boy , roughly 13 years old , emerge on the balcony , and facing the moon , execute certain weird steps of what appeared a slow , sensuous dance . Flailing arms , the slow music playing in the background , it was a sight to see.

    Also , the moonlight would display dark silhouettes of all other family members , gathered behind , watching .

    It appeared as a religious ritual , or a voodoo seance kind of thing . Creepy , yet fascinating . We would watch , open mouthed , hushed , from our own balcony . While my cousins imitated the song and dance steps , my grandmother shooed them , saying” it was not wise to make fun of something we can barely comprehend .”

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