Old Fashioned

Do you remember how to do things the old fashioned way? What if you were in a place like Puerto Rico and had no electricity? Ignore all the rest of their problems like water and impassable roads and no medicine. Just imagine doing without electricity.

I could make a fire and cook over it. I have a fireplace in my house so it could help keep me warm. I have a few candles, not many, to keep the dark away.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

8 thoughts on “Old Fashioned”

  1. I would like the world to be in the old fashioned way where people lived in joint households. this was where children , adults learnt all their important values like helping tendency, caring for the young, sacrifice , grief , solving problems etc.,It kind of prepared them for the upcoming obstacles. The education system years ago was completely different. Students according to their talent and ability were assigned different different classes instead of learning everything they’re not interested in..

  2. Retrain your taste buds.
    This is not fantasy.
    This is science.
    Back to a time when apple sauce trumped pizza.
    When pureed asparagus beat cheese.
    Your taste buds remember you.
    A healthier happier you.
    One with a future.
    Foods of yesteryear.
    Mango is to cranberry as good is to evil.

  3. I’m an old-fashioned girl
    in a new-fashioned world,
    I like flannel and jeans,
    not stiletto high heels.
    Give me coffee with cream,
    no fancy lattes for me.
    Wood fires and old dogs,
    you can keep those big Harley hogs,
    I prefer my red tractor,
    not a Porsche admirer.
    Some say I’m stuck in some other time,
    That might be true, and if so that’s just fine.

  4. Paulina was old-fashioned. Give her a good, sharp knife and cutting board to cut her onions and peppers in preparation for her sofrito. She didn’t want the clutter of those new-fangled kitchen accoutrements that are advertised or bought in stores, which speeds up the process of chopping. She relied on the simple kitchen utensils and, with those, her recipes turned out to be exquisite. Yes, she was definitely “old school” and her granddaughter loved it.

  5. My mother used to fetch water from the well , in a particularly , “old- fashioned ” way . Even as teenagers , though servants abounded , we used to fetch water , just for fun sake . To run the frayed rope on the metal pulley, to hear the bucket hit the water surface with a splash , then heave-ho. half the water would have splashed back into the well , as we were clumsy with our heaving in , and boy, was the full bucket heavy !!

    We had a different life , perhaps not better , but old fashioned , as one would put it. There would be power cuts , prompting finishing of fine and important tasks , like homework and vegetable chopping , in daylight. Night time meant endless bedtime stories . We never were awake after 10 pm and were up at sharp 5 .

  6. What you think is old fashioned quietly reveals how old you are. My middle school students refer i-Phone 5’s as old fashioned cell phones. All cell phones are recent inventions to me. A decade ago, my students would have called wall-mounted phones old fashioned. We still had one in my house. When I first began teaching, rotary phones were old fashioned. My rural in-laws had one until the early 1990s.

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