Ten knew she had to decide. Was she going to turn to her friends, playing a game with their stuffed animals in a tent on the floor? Or was she going to leave all that behind and tell her mother what went on in her room at night? She’d tried to talk to her mother before, but she was brushed off. But now she was Ten. She’d just had a birthday. Surely her mother would pay attention now that she was Ten.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Ten”

  1. Last ten years: a blur of familiar and new faces, new apartment, travel, sicknesses and deaths, weight gained, lost and gained again, less time for everything, a stronger sense of your own and loved ones’ mortality, a new calm and greater acceptance of yourself, money worries. Where did they go?

  2. Margo was nearly ten when she and her parents were forced to leave their homeland. They were a family like so many who left the island and were categorized as refugees when they arrived to the United States. They became part of the diaspora that has concentrated in Miami all these years. To this day, Margo, nor her remaining family, has never stepped foot on that island.

  3. Inventory

    Ten fingers,
    ten toes.
    Two ears,
    one nose.
    Two feet,
    two thighs.
    Two knees,
    two eyes.
    Two lips,
    two cheks,
    Two hips,
    One me.

  4. That night she was taking a shower and absolutely did not want to look down at the water swirling around her feet. Early the next morning she was scheduled for major surgery. She had experienced severe pain in her left foot and the results of a lab report on the sample the podiatrist had taken was a rare Giant Cell Tumor. The name was just as frightening to her as the surgical procedure to come. The tumor had to be excised. The severity of the tumor’s involvement would not be totally known until surgery. At the least it meant that her left “little pinkie toe” as well as a slice along the lateral part of her foot running down from that toe would be amputated. She was an avid hiker and a super active Type A personality always doing something. She dared not look down at that little toe, as minor as it seemed, because she knew she would not be able to hold back her tears. She would no longer have ten toes. She’d have to get used to nine. Didn’t seem like much but it was pretty devastating to her.

  5. Ten was the full marks for the test.
    She got eight . That meant 80 percent.
    I should be happy , she thought .
    right then a paper ,at her , thrust
    9.5 written in black ink on white
    and a face contorting in spite

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