My Favorite Candy

Last night I ate a Mozartkugel, a Austrian/German confection I’d never heard of before. Someone brought it to book club for the discussion of “The Afterlife of Stars.” It set me to thinking about favorite candy that I’ve loved. Chocolate has always been the favorite, changing over the years from gooey sweetness like Mounds bars to the darkest of dark chocolates I love now. Now I happily down the 85% cocoa bars that I would have found bitter as a younger person.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

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3 thoughts on “My Favorite Candy”

  1. My favorite candy definitely contains chocolate. I’ve recently discovered two candy bars that are utterly delicious and addictive—”Reese’s Crispy Crunch Bar” and “Reese’s Nutrageous Bar.” For those of you who love chocolate, crunchy peanut butter and chopped peanuts, you’ll find the Crispy Crunch Bar very satisfying. If you like a creamy peanut butter center, coated in caramel, topped with peanuts and covered in chocolate, the Nutrageous Bar is right up your alley.

  2. My favorite candy used to be “Symphony” by Hershey. When I worked at an extremely fast-paced advertising agency in Connecticut there were vending machines in the company kitchen. This worked out well when there were times that we were pressured by deadlines to work unexpectedly long hours. That is exactly when I became addicted to “Symphony” chocolate bars. They were made of creamy milk chocolate with toffee and almonds. Oh God! My mouth is beginning to salivate just writing this. Needless to say, I overdid my consumption of those fantastic temptingly scrumptious candy bars. When Hershey decided on a name for this candy bar they did so because it was “a treat for the mouth – the way music is to the ears.” I agreed completely. Since I’ve retired it’s been easy to avoid over indulgence in them. However, my new passion is a liqueur which is a combination of Chopin Vodka and E. Wedel’s velvet chocolate. Dribbled over vanilla ice cream it is insane!

  3. Nostalgia is an interesting thing. Sharing my favorite candy with the kids resulted in choruses of ‘GROSS’, ‘YUCK’, and ‘THAT’S DISGUSTING.’ I felt a bit bruised by their outright rejection of a wonderful childhood memory — until I took a bite myself. It was gross.

    Had the recipe changed or had I?

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