I loved that car. It was the best car I ever had.


Well, so, nothing. I’m just sharing something from my past with you. Isn’t that how people get acquainted?

This is never going to work. It was nice meeting you, but I’m leaving now.


Please use the open space below to share your first 50 word on the topic “so?”


Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “So?”

  1. So? Sasha asked herself as she looked in the mirror—when did my life take a turn for the worst? She leaned into the mirror taking a closer look at her face. Dark circles under her eyes, frizzy long hair she hadn’t cut in four months. It was wild and unruly and did whatever it wanted to when it came to styling it. Distancing herself from the mirror, she looked at her forearms—dry and crepey skin that needed moisturizer. Taking care of her demented mother was taking a real toll on her, for she wasn’t taking care of herself. Her only thought was that life was passing her by and that time was not being kind to her…

  2. I hurt, he said, I hurt when I move, when I sit, when I stand.
    So? she said, What am I supposed to do about it, lend you a hand?
    Oh no, said he, I can manage on my own, it’s plain,
    but please don’t stand in the way, just let me complain!

  3. “I just got laughed upon by a bus load of kids .”
    “I also made silly mistakes in maths , and was chided by the teacher .”
    “So , it means no one loves me and I am good for nothing .”
    “That is not true , and you know that .”

    After that no conversation seemed possible . So she just got up and enveloped her in a hug , The kid laid her head on her shoulders and wept silently .

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