It Was on a Wednesday

It was on a Wednesday when I remembered that Monday had passed me by in a flurry of writing. I looked at the calendar in amazement. What else had I forgotten about? I called my mom. “You doing okay, mom?” I called my daughter at college. “Everything going okay, sweetheart?”

Everyone survived my absence just fine. I think I’ll start writing that new chapter now.

Please use the open space below to share your first 50 words on the topic “it was on a Wednesday.”


Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “It Was on a Wednesday”

  1. She sat on her rocking chair looking out the window at the snow-blanketed streets and trees. Her knobby hands held onto an ornate mahogany cane as she rocked slowly. The melancholia began to set in. Snow reminded her of him; even after all these years of widowhood. It was a snowy day like this when she met him at the local bookstore. It was on a Wednesday—her usual weekday when she visited the store spending hours leafing through interesting books while having a cup of coffee.

    She remembered that on that particular day, all the tables of the bookstore café were occupied. Looking up from her reading, she noticed a handsome man with a cup of coffee in one hand and carrying some books with his left, standing in the center of the café looking for a place to sit. He saw her looking at him and their eyes locked. He approached her table and asked. “May I have the pleasure of sharing this table with you?” And the rest is history…

  2. It was on a Wednesday, I recall, when last I saw your face,
    the sweet lines of it, the twinkle of your eyes,
    and the crescent of your smile
    that lighted the room
    like a full moon.
    I miss you.
    I do.

  3. It was on a Wednesday . She remembered clearly . It was cloudy with portends of rain . It didn’t rain though . It was , as though , the sky was frowning on the proceedings on the earth .

    A group of people in bright , new , bejewelled clothes had gathered on that pavement , with men wearing pink and saffron
    turbans . A band materialised out of somewhere and started marching and dancing around the people, pirouetting to tunes from Hindi movies .

    This carried on for quite some time , and then suddenly , someone started throwing money . To pick it up , a group of ill clad street urchins , ran up ahead , in total contrast to the bejewelled and scented humans congregated on the pavement.

  4. The night we caroled in the middle of summer –
    to our neighbors’ absolute confusion
    The morning Grandma drew her last breath-
    with the family gathered around
    The day Blossom had puppies –
    on Mom’s good comforter
    The afternoon we skipped school and went to Dodger Stadium-
    and saw a no-hitter.
    It was on a Wednesday.

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