I remember as a younger person staring at the stars for hours. I learned to find the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper, Orion, The Pleiades, Gemini and many more. To really see stars, you have to go outside the city. The mountains of New Mexico are a good star watching spot. Best night of star watching I ever had was on the way to Lincoln, NM. We pulled off the road and laid on the fenders and just looked. Ghost Ranch in NM is another good spot. The Milky Way is so close and so bright you can almost feel it.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

8 thoughts on “Stars”

  1. Every time I see the word “stars” it reminds me of a quote by Oscar Wilde—”We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” Here’s to all who are looking…

  2. Quickly sitting up , she spoke , in the dark “what is it Ma ? No light , as yet ?”

    “Hush , you will wake them up”. Ma whispered . The girl hushed up . Light was a euphemism for power . No power , no light . Ma sighed . Then got up , and quietly opened the bed room door. A cool breeze blew in . But it was dangerous to leave the door open in the village . Rodents and snakes quickly find their way in . You can’t even see them .

    Mother hesitated at the threshold . Not knowing if keeping the door open was a good idea or not . The girl walked upto her and slipped her tiny , sticky hand into her bony , calloused ones . Mother smiled at her then stepped out of the thatch roof . The sky was blazing with countless stars . It is only in the village that she saw this inky black sky with millions of twinkling lights . The grass felt cool under their feet . They sat on the grass , with the hut door open , and stared at the sky silently . They must have sat there for quite some time , for mother felt the girls’ breath become heavy , and her head sag on her shoulders . She picked her up in arms , her long legs dangling over Ma’s saree , and brought her in to lie on the cot with the two others . The rusty fan , almost on cue , creaked to life , and a collective sigh rose from the bellies of the slumbering village. She then got up and shut the door out . The stars in the sky continued to twinkle , even as the street lamps flickered to life , inviting a sudden swarm of insects . A dog barked somewhere , and Ma laid down . The horizon was slowly turning pink-gold.

  3. Stars… the kind in the sky or the kind in the movies, have a way of making me feel insignificant. They shine so brightly, I’m invisible. They attract the eyes of the world, I drive a 1990 Buick. They inspire wonder and awe, I order greasy fries. They have guided explorers and delighted children, I graduated high school (barely).

  4. There is no star
    that shines so bright
    as the eyes of love
    on a cold March night

    There is no sun
    that burns with the heat
    of two young lovers
    when first they meet

    There is no fire
    that burns so hot
    it can warm the space
    where you are not.

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