A Curated Life

Years ago someone said to me, “We all have our own cross to bear.” That made so much sense to me and has always been a guiding principle in my life. The other day I saw someone tweet that people were struggling with all the things they weren’t tweeting. Same thought, but it makes me aware of how we curate our lives these days. We present only parts of ourselves on Facebook or Twitter and hide the rest. We’re so public but at the same time, we’re so private. We’re still bearing our crosses, even in a world some consider completely without privacy.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “A Curated Life”

  1. I wrote a poem on this subject awhile back…

    The (un) Curated Life

    What will they say at my eulogy?
    Date of birth? Check.
    Place of birth? Check.
    Children; grandchildren? Check. Check.
    Three husbands? Hmmm. Maybe.
    Only one I loved? Probably not.

    Education? Check.
    Geez, a PhD!
    Why’d she do that?
    For her father? Her freedom?
    Her father’s freedom?
    Her freedom from her father?

    And what of her mother
    who never said I love you?
    Will they mention that?

    Probably not operas
    in Aix and Nashville
    or weekends in Provence,
    nightmares, lost love, regrets.

    Eulogies are curated
    like Renoir retrospectives,
    with proper notation –
    years, places, media employed.

    None of the important stuff.

  2. Is ‘a curated life’ just a polite way of saying ‘an orchestrated life’? I see many students whose days and weeks are scripted from their pre-dawn awakening to their late-evening bedtime collapse. They are shuttled from their before school math tutors to AM band practice to their elective-free academically accelerated school day. Upon the final bell they are sped to violin lessons then to ballet after which a carefully selected nutritionally balanced clean dinner meal is consumed in a prescribed number of bites and chews then it’s off to study until exhaustion overtakes them.

    Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

  3. Already I am late
    A life to curate ?
    What to create ?
    Appetites satiate

    How to contain
    nature’s own creation
    Channel the fountain
    Go against the grain

    A curated life ?
    Weed out strife ?
    Cut out the trifle ?
    Howls to stifle ?

    Teach me ,
    Oh wise one
    Teach me
    How is it done

    For I am yet to learn
    Straighten the urn
    Fling out yester’s ashes
    fill it up with neon flashes

    Of degrees ,medals, scores
    marks ,grades and mores
    With money and gold
    Wealth , riches untold

    How much life can you hold ?
    What % for reluctant smiles
    What % for statements bold
    How many traversed miles ?

  4. All humanity has their cross to bear. It’s not a physical one, but an emotional one, which can weigh as much and cause as many scars in our psyche. I guess a curated life deals with us facing our struggles and setbacks knowing what to disclose and what to keep private. The way that society now-a-days dumps all types of information on social media is a sign of the times.

  5. For me, a curated life is all about my being very cautious in terms of what I want to share. It truly is difficult attempting to write about life experiences you hope will be of help to others, and yet retain a sense of dignity by not over-sharing. Lots of folks disagree with me about Facebook. I have always felt it was too easy to give so much information quickly. The same holds true with the ease with which you can send an e-mail in anger. Take a moment to think about the messages we’ve been getting from Trump on Twitter. Yee Gods! A curated life means taking care of myself and my values. This gives me a comfortable sense of well being.

  6. We have a private museum of our hates and loves, likes & dislikes.The social media strengthens this hypocrisy. Do we need this social interactions with strangers? This is not a real world in which we express our likes etc. Maybe to a certain extent it will be right but not all the time. We need to curate our true feelings and be considerate to others’ feelings too, if you cannot express freely and be true to yourself.Leave the digital social life and live the real life, celebrities do the opposite, lets curate & celebrate what we really believe in.

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