The Movers

We were the movers. A ragtag group of family and friends, a couple of  pickup trucks, and not enough time. I had the easy parts like wiping off the dust and bringing in the pizza. Moving yourself is hard work. Even if other people move you it’s hard work. What if every home was furnished and all you had to take from place to place was your clothes and your toothbrush. I’d live on that planet.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “The Movers”

  1. When the phone rang, the movers were closing up the truck and gearing up the for the long cross-country haul eastward. Our daycare called and said that our 8 year old son had fallen from the monkey bars and hurt his wrists. They had put ice on them, but the pain was not subsiding. We needed to take him to the doctor.

  2. The movers had come in before the family did. The huge truck sat in the baking sun for most of the afternoon . Then around 4pm , a group of boys came in a jeep , unlocked doors and shifted the luggage , piling it up in a higgledy -piggledy pile in the sitting room , as we could see it from the windows . The black tin trunks sat with the gunny sacks , and flower pots with wilted plants in them . A child’s bicycle balanced precariously on top .

  3. She became slowly aware of where she was. Twelve year old Anna was lying on a filthy, hard mattress in the orphanage recovery room. Weak and immobilized, it was surreal. It was dark. No one seemed to be in the room. She’d been placed in the orphanage by her aunt after her mother’s death. It all came back to her now. She’d been rushed to surgery due to hemorrhaging caused by the Administrator’s cruel nightly sexual assaults. As she became more alert she panicked. She remembered horrible stories about tales of “The Movers.” Their job was to transport dead or severely injured bodies away from the orphanage. Orphans would talk in hushed voices about a secret mass grave on the grounds where bodies were disposed of. She could hear heavy footsteps entering the room. “Oh, my God,” she thought, “The Movers are coming for me.”

  4. The moving truck parked in front of my house and four thin men approached my front door. I thought they would be more corpulent. Then I thought that corpulence doesn’t necessarily confer strength. This was confirmed when one of the thinner men strapped the refrigerator on his back and walked out the front door to the truck. I got a hernia just watching him…

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