Share the Wealth

It’s so dry here everything crackles. The humidifier runs constantly. Yet just a few miles from here there’s flooding or snow several feet deep. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to even that out? Perhaps if we stopped pouring carbon into the air things would even out a bit. Is anyone ready to do that?

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Share the Wealth”

  1. “Oh no no no no , I cant accept this gift .” She kept up a litany of self righteous refusal .

    Others kept pressing her , to accept it . After all , she was the wife of the big boss , and she was being bidden farewell . It was logical , usual and acceptable . Every little drama. The refusal , the humming of the subordinates , in collective submission , “Please , no , yes , you have to , you see ” etc .

    Then after tiring rounds of this funny musical chair , the inevitable giving in , and apparent reluctant acceptance . Followed by tea , samosas , and a teary eyed acceptance speech.

    On the fourth evening , I bumped into the organising secretary and she just casually revealed what was there in that large box , gift wrapped in tinsel and bows . “because that is what she had asked for .”

    “How come ?”

    “She rung me up a day prior , and asked me on phone to gift her that “

  2. To avoid getting myself in a bad mood today I am not going to write much about the following: The Donald’s approach to sharing the wealth being nothing like Huey Long’s concept. The Donald seems to be ensuring that the top income earners get even more. Look at the money Carson tried to spend on dining room furniture and then wasn’t man enough to take ownership – he blamed his wife. Look at the money spent on first class travel. And try not to vomit: What about all the money the Trump Dynasty is reaping through their various connections now. Personally I like the “share the wealth” concept in terms of the way my co-workers and I shared all the gifts that came pouring into our ad agency during the Christmas holidays. We would receive a lot of gourmet food gifts and everything was shared. Needless to say, we were a very cohesive and happy group. I’m also fond of my town whereby anyone who has some bad luck and has lost a job or been ill is provided with wonderful baskets of food and other items to help them over the hump. Let’s not forget some of the great federal programs like Social Security, College Financial Aid, Food Stamps, etc. Sharing the wealth is a good thing.

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