Strike Out

2016 1st Place Winner

Tara stepped off the edge and rappelled into the cave. The light on her helmet sketched a faint path through the rocks. This trip into the cave was Tara’s last chance to prove her case about what had become of Steve. If she struck out this time, the Captain made it clear she would be pulled from the search. She knew in her bones she was right. She moved slowly, running her light left and right into the nooks and folds of the rock.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “Strike Out”

  1. The sound of approaching heels tapping on the floor alerted the mechanic of a customer’s presence. Turning his head from the underside of the Porsche, he saw a stunning pair of legs in red stilleto heels heading in his direction. He pushed the creeper from the underbelly of the car and stood. It was the owner of the Porsche. He was stunned by her beauty as she stood in front of him; her green, almond-shaped eyes locked on his aquamarine, unblinking ones. He needed to show his best side, but in the back of his mind he knew she was out of his league and was certain he’d strike out.

  2. I do love a promt challenge! Here’s my attempt:

    The match hissed as it was struck. Lighting his cigarette, he eyeballed the brunette in the dress leaving little to the imagination. Giving him the subtle come-on he ordered two buds. Cash exchanged for drinks he furtively added a pill to the bottle. He wasn’t prepared to strike out tonight.

  3. It was time for Laura to strike out on her own. She was sick and tired of being married to a controlling, short-tempered, physically abusive husband. Too many years had already gone by while she made excuses for his bad behavior and put up with his apologies and promises to change. He’d promised many times to go for counseling and then not followed through. This last event was too frightening. He’d gotten angry over something she still did not understand and run upstairs to their bedroom. He yelled and grabbed her by her throat – squeezing. She blacked out just for a very brief moment. It was too much. She had to strike out and learn all over to be by herself. At least, she would be able to live unafraid. Or would she?

  4. Two outs. The bottom of the 7th inning. Laura needed to face only one more batter to ensure her team’s victory. From the opposing team’s dugout stepped her brother Jeremy – the best hitter on their team. Should she walk him intentionally to avoid a home run. Should she plunk him? Send him sprawling to the ground before an unceremonious walk to first base? No, to preserve her own integrity only one option was available — a strike out.

  5. “When are you going to strike out on your own ?” The question was direct . Without much preamble , very much like the person who said it . Frank , fearless and straightforward .

    “What do you mean ?” He crumpled up , inwards . The same tired feeling of having been made to stand in the questioning box. The witness, the criminal , grill him .

    He looked around the room . It was full of people , adults who had loved him , or so he thought . All had stern looks , and they had crossed their arms . He looked for refuge , towards his mom . She too, looked away . He was devastated . Tears welled up in his eyes . He kept telling himself “Don’t cry , don’t cry .”

    Before even he realised , he had lugged his satchel and walked out of the room , incendiary looks followed . His eyes were streaming . And he didn’t know where to go , what to do . Now , he knew what it felt like , to be abandoned .

    He collected his thoughts as he walked , and he realised that he knew where to go . His footsteps quickened , he hastily dried his tears , and dialled a number on his phone ,”Jet Airways ? Could you please book me a ticket to …?”

  6. He knew now he had to come out with confidence, his hands shaking and sweat on them he tried to control the trembling. Somehow he managed to stop it and tried focusing on selecting the combination of the safe door.The limited time , importance of getting the money was playing on his mind. Then again family seen in his mind space was encouraging him to take the had to be done today and now. He had people waiting at the hospital to deposit the money. He felt strongly now that of he didn’t reach the hospital in good time his son’s life would be lost. He had now already committed one crime – trespassing , now he cannot go back .he needed to strike out now.

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