Mac and Cheese

Sam didn’t talk about his childhood much, so when he shared a story, I let him talk as long as he wanted. His dad’s girlfriend, he claimed, made the world worst mac and cheese. It was watery and there wasn’t enough cheese. What cheese there was wasn’t right somehow. Sam explained . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Mac and Cheese”

  1. Mac and cheese, mac and cheese,
    how I love thee, mac and cheese.

    Offer me pork, offer me chicken,
    I’ll turn down even the finger-lickin’.

    Take me to the finest eatery,
    nice restaurant or a brewery,

    I’ll look at the waiter and say if you please,
    just bring me a plate of your best mac-and cheese.

  2. I was never fond of mac n cheese and being of Armenian decent it wasn’t a staple on the dinner table. In fact, it was never on the dinner table. Not even the boxed kind.

    I found it bland and heavy all at the same time. Until that is, I made it myself. I made sure to use delicious melty, nutty cheeses, that offered the right amount of tang and savoriness. At the same time I knew I needed the plastic, yellow texture of sliced cheese too.

    The cheeses and seasonings danced together in a rich, buttery Béchamel sauce. I poured the mixture into a casserole, covered it with more cheese and butter and topped it with herbed panko bread crumbs.

    I pulled it out of the oven, bubbly and crispy. It was gone before I could even put it on the table. My kitchen had never been more popular. Maybe that’s what happened to all the could be mac n cheese of my childhood.

  3. Kids love Mac and cheese. The love is spurred by the fact that there will never be another meal , more cheesy , more decadent and more truly enjoyable than that.

    The other day , it started off as , what should I have for dinner ? The verdict was unequivocal . Mac and cheese. Now , they have even learnt fancy restaurant type menu names – “Alfredo, Arrabiata “. Basically , it remains , the same.

    Thank you America, once again , for another , global gastronomic phenomena.

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