Oh, Come On

She disagreed with him most of the time. She expressed that disagreement by saying, “Oh, come on!” in a disdainful voice. She couldn’t believe that every thought in his head didn’t align perfectly with the thoughts in her head. His attitude toward her habit was soon expressed with another thought: “So long, sister!”

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Oh, Come On”

  1. Just when I finished polishing my flash fiction story for submittal, I reread the guidelines. “Word count must be between 3,000 and 10,000 words.” Oh, come on! I thought and sighed. Though this was a prestigious magazine, I knew my 600 word masterpiece would find a home elsewhere!

  2. Just leaving for work I turned around and what I witnessed was shear stupidity. Jeb flipped his A TV using it as a tractor to pull the the riding mower out of a ditch. He called out to me under the big
    ATV severely injured.. “Oh Come On” I shouted then sprang into action.ff

  3. “Oh, come on!” They had to be joking. Cheeze. How dumb did they think she was. There they were sitting on the bench at their neighborhood park talking about this and that. The subject of how babies were made had been brought up. “Oh, come on,” she yelled out as she jumped up. “For chripes sake, that’s disgusting. You mean that’s what my mom and dad had to do?” Wait ’til she told her mother this one. Those girls musta thought she was pretty stupid. “Duh….”

  4. The TV was blaring in the family room. She knew a soccer match was taking place and was sure his favorite team was playing when she heard him bellow, “Oh, come on!” She quickly made an about-face and retreated to the bedroom…

  5. ” I won’t come for the sleepover .” I had sounded final , I hoped.
    “Oh ! come on !”
    “No , really . My mom doesn’t approve , my Pa’s out of station , and I am allergic to dog fur .” I licked my lips and concluded a memorised list of excuses.
    “No, don’t . ” She was a strangely adamant girl . I had to escape , before any further drama ensued .
    My satchel was on my back , the bus had left and I had begun walking towards my block . She followed , pitter patter of eager feet . What makes most of my juniors behave like a devoted collie ?
    I sighed and turned .”What do you want ?”
    ” At least come for my birthday “. She seemed close to tears . This was getting seriously uncomfortable.
    “Of course I will.” I patted her hand and rushed away , before she could stop me again.

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