I Forgot

I forgot the soothing sound of your voice. I forgot the soft curls in your hair. I forgot the smooth silk of your forearms. I forgot the little mole under your right earlobe. I forgot the exact color of your eyes when the sky is blue behind you. I forgot the bright crescent of your smile in the dark oval of your face. It’s easy to go on because I forgot everything about you.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “I Forgot”

  1. Oh my god!! I forgot to have children!’
    Graphic, 50’s style comic postcard. A friend sent it for a joke. Thought it would make me laugh. It did. But it hurt too, like labour.. So close to the truth it cut me in two. Childless, no prospects. I forgot.

  2. I forgot for a minute, an hour,
    that I will always be without you.
    In the busyness of things to be done
    I forgot to remember
    the sound of your voice, your laugh,
    the feel of your arms around me
    when you called me Mama,
    the love shining bright in your brown eyes.

  3. One day when I was home alone I put some Latin-American music on and turned the volume way up. It was so inspirational that I couldn’t control myself. I leaped off my sofa and danced as if I were in a Broadway show-stopper. My body took on a life of its own. I shook my head of long hair to and fro. I twitched my hips wildly. I jumped on and off the sofa while singing. It was insane. I hadn’t felt this free in a long, long time. I was completely energized and felt terrific until I felt those electric shocks battering my feet. The pain was excrutiating and brought me to a halt. Whatever was I thinking? Whatever was I doing? I forgot that I had peripheral neuropathy in both feet caused by heavy duty chemo for breast cancer. Oh, but for several minutes I had felt like my old self again and it had been worth it.

  4. the power of music and dance… wonderful. slightly reminded me of a very, very short story I wrote a long time ago – 🙂

    I may be a sweet and plain woman
    but when that red gown brushes against the skin of my breast
    I dance like thunder and urge life
    to go on for a thousand tomorrows

  5. I too forgot .
    Forgot that I am a 50 year old mother
    of two acutely embarrassed
    adolescent pair
    Forgot that I am supposed to be
    prim and proper
    Forgot that I have a hair
    salt and pepper
    remanent of a scare
    Forgot that I can’t fling my arms every which way
    and live fullest ,dance this day
    even though for a passing , insane moment .

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