The Peaches

The peaches cling
To their pits.

Their skins pocked
And picked
By birds and ants.

They fill a bowl

Until the
Peachy goodness
Mounts to pie level.

Get the sugar
Make a crust
Bake it up.


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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “The Peaches”

  1. Did you ever find yourself at a road side stand staring at a box of freshly picked peaches.? From experience the beautiful peach is not necessarily the most succulent and I found myself longing for the sweetness of a juicey ripe peach. My answer came from the farmer, he said….

  2. Peaches and cream, a good, well-respected combo. Fish fingers and strawberry yogurt, not so much. Mum’s always been unconventional.
    As her dementia takes hold, I can’t work out if it has freed her up to express herself, regardless, or if it’s taking her down a weird and scary path.

    1. Oh my. Two different ways of looking at it, certainly. And tough being the one on the sidelines, watching someone you love take this strange journey.

    1. Really visual! I can actually see the golden glow in that dark space, brilliant use of light and dark. And yes, thank you for your comment on my ‘peaches’ 🙂

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