Seat Belt

She fell heavily into the passenger seat. The car was boiling hot so she left the door open for a minute to cool things down. She hooked her seat belt and leaned out to close the door.

The seat belt grabbed her and she couldn’t reach the door. She turned to her daughter, who had picked her up at the emergency room. “Typical,” she said. She unhooked, then closed, then hooked. “Take me home,” she said.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

7 thoughts on “Seat Belt”

  1. Seat Belt…
    … holds you in, holds you back, keeps you in the seat no matter what, keeps you safe…
    … but also squishes your breasts, rasps the side of your neck, blocks when you want to reach something and you can’t move anymore, … a prison
    … a safe prison

  2. Belt up he always said, belt up, or we’re going nowhere. Always.
    I waited. His focus on the road, I saw my chance. I grabbed fiercely at his seat belt, channelling strength from all those years, tight to his neck, until I felt death’s exhalation. We never went anywhere again.

  3. Seat Belt:

    How are you moving? I turn around and see my little angel bottom high in the air in my purse. She exclaims!! Gigi purse, want that! I say little princess if you don’t sit your bottom in your car seat I will get you. I tell my daughter to pull over because obviously her seat belt is not tight.

  4. Strap it on, hook it up,
    pull it tight, snap the lock.
    Adjust the seat, still too tight,
    cuts the neck, rides too high,
    wrinkles shirt, necklace snags,
    buttons pop, coats bunch up.

    It’s not for comfort, that’s for sure,
    and not for looks, no fashion piece.
    But wear we must, whatever we think,
    it’s the law, and in the end
    it saves our lives, keeps us safe.
    so buckle up,
    and no back talk.

  5. She’d been to a Halloween party dressed as an angel – halo, wings, and long gown. Unfortunately, she was running late and did not have time to change prior to boarding her flight to Boston where she was going to make an important advertising presentation to a large corporation. As soon as the stewardess walking down the aisle prior to takeoff saw that she hadn’t fastened her seat belt, she was sternly advised to do so. She’d always hated seat belts and cutely responded, “I’m an angel and can fly so I don’t really need a seat belt.” The stewardess glared at her and said, “If you can fly and don’t need a seat belt, I guess you can get off the plane and fly to Boston!”

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