I peered through a bunch of kids, mostly boys. They swooped by on skateboards, they sat on benches to talk, they glanced furtively at the adult invading their domain. I couldn’t see him. I looked in every direction.

A good-looking blond boy separated from the others. He ambled my way. “Can I help you?” he asked.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

7 thoughts on “Bunch”

  1. You come armed with a bunch of flowers? ‘Armed’ because it feels like an apologetic defence for behaviour you can’t explain, nor I understand.  What are you trying so pitifully to tell me?  What does a bunch of fecking roses actually say? 

    Deadly nightshade might be closer to the truth…!

  2. Standing in the kitchen with pots and pans in hands. What am I going to make today I think. With a bunch of recipes and enjoying the process of learning. I start with banana bread and end with chicken pot pie

  3. A swanky , glistening car noiselessly glided into the lane. The lane , full a minute ago , of noisy, barefoot children ; hushed to a pindrop silence . The adults , watching TV , gossiping on the balconies , fell silent . Everyone craned their necks .

    After a long moment , the tinted glass was rolled down , and a pretty hand beckoned one of the kids . The door opened , and a shapely , sandalled foot emerged . There was a collective sigh. A popular movie star emerged , wearing sunglasses , a massive grin and an armful of shopping bags . The kids recognised her , and instantly crowded around her , screaming hysterically . Someplace else , dogs began barking . The kid who had been beckoned first , emerged laden with a bunch of bags on either arms .Everyone hurried into the ashram, which opened its gates wide enough to swallow the black Mercedes.

    Then it slowly , noisily grinding on its rusty metal bottoms , clanged shut . Closing its doors on the curious onlookers and nosy parkers.

  4. He looked at her with that grin that was uniquely her son’s. She put down her paint-bush to study his face and thought I must do a portrait before he gets any older. “What’s behind your back,” she said. The 3 year old looked up and with a big smile handed her a bunch of white daisies.

  5. Probably no one remembered her. She did, however, and decided she would wear a costume copying the movie star’s style. The last thing she would do after donning the long wrap-around skirt, bra style top and very high heels would be to pile a bunch of bananas and other fruit on top of her hair turban. Then she’d shake her hips and gracefully move her long fingernails through the air while singing and batting those incredibly long false eyelashes. The sixty-four dollar question: Who was this? The answer: The one – the only Carmine Miranda!

  6. “What’s a bunch of fives?”
    “Me fist. Why?”
    “Jason said he’d give me a bunch of fives if I didn’t stop bothering him.”
    “Tell him he’ll cop the same from me if he bullies you any more.”
    “He was kissing some girl.”
    “What? Come on, let’s both go bother Jason.”

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