The Best Trees

Around these parts, the best trees in fall are cottonwood and ash. They’ll give you a nice show of color in the fall. You can find aspens if you go up higher. In certain canyons where there’s water there are stands of maples that can really blow your mind. But if getting out of town to see the fall colors isn’t on your agenda, the cottonwoods and the ashes will do the trick. Happy leaf watching!

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “The Best Trees”

  1. First 50 Words (Best Trees)
    If I’m asked to give my opinion about what are “The Best Trees”,
    I’d have to say the following:
    California’s and Florida’s palm trees are great trees,
    and the Holiday’s Christmas trees are great trees.
    But to me, if I’m honest, I’d have to say the Best Trees are pastries!

  2. Best trees are those
    that allow repose
    In their magnanimous
    shadow humungous
    The best ones’ leaves
    tumble and weave
    stories of dark and light
    Of meek and their might
    Dappled patterns ,poses
    Stately giants , puny roses
    Sentinels, watch us
    For milleniums
    till we lose patience
    hack , slash, saw
    branch and bough
    took years to grow

  3. The best trees are always visible when you practice Shinrin Yoku, or “Forest Bathing,” a form of healing practiced in Japan and South Korea. It happens to be free. It is simple. It is effective. Find a forest with a trail near your home. All you need to do is walk slowly, take slow and deep breaths, and open your senses to the sounds, scents, and habitat. That’s all it takes….it is the medicine of being in the forest. Particularly during these challenging times politically and environmentally, if we could only make a bit of time for “Forest Bathing,” we could feel so much better. I also use a visualization when I can’t sleep at night that is effective: I visualize my favorite place in the forest. I’m walking slowly and taking nice deeps breaths. The fragrance of the forest air – the sounds of the birds – the feel of the moss and leaves under my feet – at times a slight breeze rustling through the trees. This alone can lull me back to a peaceful sleep.

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