I Want to Know

I want to know
Why the truth doesn’t matter.
I want to know
How owls can turn their heads so far.
I want to know
Why love is hard to keep.
I want to know
If too much Starbucks in one day is fatal.
I want to know
Where all my money went.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “I Want to Know”

  1. The days begin peacefully. The pigeons mate on the balconies, at the crack of the dawn . Arjun opens up the tap , sways back and sprays a glorious spray onto five cars standing in the parking lot. Then he closes the tap , coils up the hose , grabs a rag and starts “shining ” the cars one by one . Arjun ends up spraying one odd morning walker , and has been given dire warnings by disgruntled people in wet clothes . But he is undeterred. Actually , humans are his unintended victims.

    He has a passionate dislike for felines of the colony .

    All of them are stray . They are fed by residents all right .But no one owns them . They sleep on welcoming rooftops and dark undersides of parked cars. In the cordial locales of the colony , they share one common enemy . Arjun and his cold water fuelled hosepipe . With a hiss and a screech , wet furry creatures leap away from undersides of cars and Arjun cackles in “hideous “laughter , as one cat lover put it .

    That day was disappointing for Arjun . There were no cats to be flushed . Nowhere to be seen .
    Late afternoon , some prying kids playing hide and seek in a vacant plot discovered them . Bound in a sack, mewing and wriggling and hissing.

    All fingers pointed to Arjun . He was surrounded by angry residents next foggy morning , shouting for him to be “sacked” in the view of recent misfortunes on cats and kittens .
    “I want to know why you put them there ?” An irate gentleman tapped his walking stick angrily on the pavement , shaking with righteous rage .

  2. She had been married for over twenty years to a physically abusive man. It was infrequent and that was his excuse. Although it took her five years after the last incident which had frightened her terribly, she finally realized as she watched his temper tantrums accelerate that she had to leave. She was concerned that her younger son was still too young to have to go through the emotional upheaval of a family divorce but she had no choice. The last time her husband had choked her she had lost consciousness briefly. Throughout their marriage he had promised to go for counseling but never did. She never told her sons why she divorced. Years later when her younger son pressured her to tell him why she had left and she finally told him the truth, he didn’t believe her. Her ex-husband denied it all. Eventually both her sons believed their father although they did remember his throwing a kitten up at the ceiling in anger when they were young. “I want to know why I protected my sons all those years and they really believe I am lying about their father. I want to know how that is possible since I always taught them to tell the truth and have never lied to them. I want to know why.”

  3. I have always been a curious, investigative type person. I have always thought it was important to gain wisdom and seek after the truth. But you know that phrase, “curiousity killed the cat”? Someone must have coined the phrase for a reason. There are many things we don’t need to know. It will not benefit us and it would not enhance our relationships. Somethings that I would wish to know could be dangerous for me and I should trust that everything will be just fine if I DON’T know.


  4. I want to know how songwriters write songs
    Do they hear the music first and then write the words,
    Or do the words come first and the music follows
    I want to know how painters see the world
    Do they see hues invisible to my eyes

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