The Playlist

It was Jonah’s playlist. It was full of bouncy tunes perfect for driving. It should make her happy that it was still available on Spotify and she could play it whenever she wanted. She’d get in the car, turn on the music and sob. There was no driving to Jonah’s playlist.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “The Playlist”

  1. playlist, music wisdom, the movement of the heart, the hidden wisdom of God. It wasn’t put in books alone, it was in the birds, the flowers, it was everywhere, and in case we could forget, in the hearts of many great artists, so that we could never lose it’s influence.

  2. He has a mind boggling-ly arrayed playlist . he has played it so many times . Back and forth . Back again . And he has stored all of them in various files , apps , corners . He shouts at me over the din of the car . The more he shouts , more my hands shake . I cant locate his song (s). Despite precise instructions . The car stereo becomes a battle ground of wills . I find a favourite of mine . Lurking in some unused file /app/manager . I play it . He squirms . I smile .

    We have different choices in songs . Diametrically different nuances . His are sedate , retro. Mine are bouncy , audacious . Strangely , to the world , I am sedate , he the bouncy one .

    The playlist plays it all . The soothing and the jarring .Both . In turns . We smile , nod , beat rhythm , or frown and quietly bear it , in turns . The car speeds on . The journey is covered , one song at a time .

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