Home for the Holidays

Being around family for the holidays is the real reason I celebrate. Seeing far flung siblings, new little nephews and teen age cousins who are suddenly grown. And my parents! They’ve  gone on without me to do new things they never did while I was at home.

I can’t wait to be with them. I’m glad when it’s over.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Home for the Holidays”

  1. Home for the Holidays is not the same for me. I am over 11 hours away from home and I feel it this year. I have been gone from home for about 3 years and this year is the hardest for. I miss my family! I have had two close loved one die and I haven’t been there for any of it. This holiday is kinda sad. I am trying to make the most of it and smile through it all!

  2. Home for the holidays is wherever I might be at the moment. Despite the distance away from friends and family, be it emotional or logistical, it has always been my habit to create a warm and comforting holiday atmosphere wherever I have lived. I also have made a point throughout my life to follow some traditional holiday rituals and to prepare old family recipes albeit on a small scale. Even when I have been sorely tempted to not bother because I might have been alone, I have persisted. Eventually the holiday feelings of love and warmth surround me. Memories bring a feeling of complete comfort. I think as I get even older, more frail, and possibly housebound, this practice will serve me well.

  3. “Where is he ? Has he even started yet ? Ma , you should really put that saucepan on . He is maybe reaching any moment .” My eldest is full of concerns when Papa is on his way .
    The younger one is flippant . “Chill , guys , he has probably stopped for a samosa break . ”
    “Papa doesn’t take samosa breaks without us . He drives straight home .” Stoutly loyal and comically jest , I love them both . Nodding from the stove , as I wait for ginger to steep into the ginger tea , I hear wars ignite again . “Ma , you just can’t agree to both . You have to take a stand , which side you are on ?” Hand on hips , argumentative now.

    I smile and waver . As I always have . A honks floats up. Adolescent shrieks, feet rush , doors slam and I sigh in relief .

    Papa is finally home for the holidays . Phew.

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