Holiday Songs

The most fun I’ve had with a holiday song in a long time happened in my workout class. The instructor changed the words to 12 Days of Christmas to be 12 exercises. One stretch, two leg lifts, 3 bicep curls, and so on. Five was a squat done very slowly. We made it to 12 and we had fun. New life for an old tune.

Happy holidays to you. Thanks for writing with me all year.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Holiday Songs”

  1. Concetta stood by the window watching as the snow fell in what seemed as slow motion. She pressed her forehead against the cold glass; her cheeks hanging like small withered plums. The radio on her nightstand was playing holiday songs—what she considered to be the “standards” for Christmas time, and she thought of her friends that had passed on and the few family members that were so far away. Despite this, listening to Sinatra and Fitzgerald singing these tunes provided her with the sense of joy that she had enjoyed in her youth. It had been a simpler time then…

    Virginia, Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Thanks for your website!

  2. If she hears one more holiday song repetition today, she’s going to go berserk. It seems as if the idiocy of playing holiday songs and pushing holiday shopping ads earlier and earlier each year must be accomplishing something or “they” wouldn’t foist both upon us. She’d like to take the powers that be and stick them in a small room with loudspeakers in each corner playing “Alvin And The Chipmunks” over and over again until they begin frothing at the mouth.

    Despite it all, happy holidays and a very healthy 2019 to everyone …. with a special thank you to Virginia for continuing to inspire my writing which has finally become a daily habit.

  3. That song again . He plays it on the loop , over and over again . Never tiring of the lyrics , the melody . The kids quickly put on their headphones , plugging their ears and shutting off the song . I can’t as I have to enjoy and learn to smile , when he smiles . I have even learnt to enjoy them . I don’t mind if he plays them as I go about doing my laundry and other chores . In fact it is nice to have the silences filled with crooning , albeit senseless. It is one of those small things . No point escalating it into a full time war .

    Can’t thank you enough Virginia , for this joy to look forward to . Thank you , happy holidays ,and a fabulous new year.

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