The Best Cookie

So many cookies, so little time. The best cookies are homemade, of course. Where I come from the master bakers always produce tons of biscochitos. They are good. Cinnamon and sugar always works.

But give me something with chocolate. My grandson made some chocolate and peppermint cookies the other day that were the best cookies ever made. Yes, give me something chocolate.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “The Best Cookie”

  1. The best cookie ever made was not the Christmas cookies my ADON made us at work. No, it was Tea Cakes!! Oh my word! When I tell you I have never tasted, nor heard of such a delightful treat in my life. Yes give me something scrumptious! I have the recipe and I make them now! Yummy goodness. If you have a recipe of great cookie can you share?

  2. The best cookies were made by my grandmother . And later , by my mother . Same recipe . Handed over in sweaty, smoke filled kitchens , as red-eyed , they slogged over batches and batches of goodness. Hot , crackling , straight from the oven . Blowing , squealing , lip smacking . Last month , my Mom, now ,arthritic , old and infirm , decided to make some for my kids . When I told her on phone that they vanished within a week , her lament was “You took too little “.

  3. I remember them well,
    the best cookies I ever ate.
    Little hands helped mix,
    shape, bake, decorate.
    The cookies were odd-looking,
    that I must admit, not adhering
    to the shapes we cut
    but meandering all over the pan.
    When we lifted them to the cooling rack,
    most of them broke in two
    but we made hot chocolate
    in Christmas mugs,
    put the broken cookies
    on crystal plates,
    and sat in the glow of the tree’s lights,
    eating the very best cookies
    I have ever tasted.

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