A Beautiful Day

The snow piles higher and higher
The temperature drops lower and lower.
The tea kettle fills cups meant
To sit beside a blanket and a book.
It’s a beautiful day to
Make a snowman,
Take a photo,
Simmer homemade soup,
And breathe the icy crisp of winter
Into warm lungs fill of life.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “A Beautiful Day”

  1. It’s a beautiful day here in North Carolina. Not common for me since I am from Illinois. A vast difference to walk around today without a jacket and enjoy the breeze. It’s a great day to be alive and with a beautiful sunset makes this day the best.

  2. Start with tea, hotand spicy in my favorite cup.
    Add conversation with my husband,
    a check of online life and friends,
    breakfast of eggs and toast,
    dogs to be petted,
    robe, slippers,
    lamps on.
    It’s the start
    of a beautiful day
    on Railey Ridge Road
    in the middle of nowhere, WV.

  3. The day is crisp and cold, as an ice shaving . Breath fogs and the sun shines . There is a thin sheen of moisture on some one’s moustache . It could be the fog or it could be his breath . The flowers have just begun peeking outside their blankets of green . The soil hard and cold . sun shine bounces off the top of kids’ hairs . It is a beautiful wintry morning .

    People trickle in in ones and twos. The flag is tied with a bunch of rose petals and swung up on the pole . A school principal in her elements, shouts directions “High up, higher up .”

    Very few people arrive for the hoisting of the flag . But the job is done , as it is always . With anthem sung with gusto and spirit . Some one passes a packet of sweets and the group breaks up. As I step on dew dusted grass, I leave behind wetter and greener footprints . The magic dew clings to my soles . I might fly , broomless, high in the sky today . It is indeed a very beautiful day.

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