The small scoop of lavender ice cream came in a paper cup with a tiny plastic spoon. It cost over $4. There were other oddly flavored ice creams in this shop – one with green chile. I gave it a tentative lick. Well, it was ice cream, all right. The lavender flavor didn’t really jump out. Should I say I loved it? Should I praise it?

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

7 thoughts on “Lavender”


    It is when I smell lavender
    that I think of her,
    her dainty flowered cup
    and Earl Grey tea,
    hankie scented
    lavender. In her garden
    tall gray-green stalks
    amid roses and columbine,
    the whole world perfumed
    and colored by her scent.

  2. hello ladies, been out of action while but am keen to start writing again and ‘lavendar’ made me think of a wee poem I wrote for my granny so her goes… (50 words)
    Lavender lace, white gold hair
    tea leaves read over my shoulder
    Head held high even with your pain,
    dignity, pride never the same after he’d gone

    Now you’ve gone.

    We cried, we laughed,
    sang on your day,
    couldn’t believe you weren’t there…
    perhaps you were.

    How much you were loved

  3. She fell in love with English Lavender when she took her first trip “across the pond.” The beautiful purple-blue whorls of flowers combined with the grayish green foliage were enchanting. When she spoke to a gardener at a historic English castle and was told about some of Lavender’s many characteristics she was sold. As soon as she returned home to New England she began her preparations for beds of English Lavender at her home. How could it be that such an exquisite looking plant be good for relieving stress, to help with digestion problems, minor bruises and bug bites? Not only all of that but the aroma repels mosquitos, flies and fleas. The flowers and their aroma attract bees and butterflies as well. No wonder it was, and still is, used for sachets to repel moths. Although it took quite a while to design her Lavender garden and path borders, nothing gave her more pleasure than to see the tall purple-blue flowers gently swaying in the summer breeze. She can hardly wait to enjoy them again this year.

  4. He hates jasmine .

    It reminds him of cheap perfume , mogra garlands , temple steps , vermillion and incense , slush and mud, beggars clinging to your sleeves , and all that was forced on him in his childhood , in the name of religion .

    It is amazing what a simple aroma can do to your memories . Take you decades back , place you on temple steps , fill your nostrils with adolescent disgust .

    Hence lavender . In room freshner sprays , hanging from the bathroom mirror , in a satchet .

    I wonder what lavender reminded him of. I once asked him , he just shrugged the question off.

  5. (My challenge to myself this month is to post a new piece every week having to do with love. Given that with the 50-word constraint, I enjoyed trying to fit both into an answer to this prompt. Here’s what I came up with.)

    He handed me a sachet, encouraging me to inhale its scent.

    “Lavender,” I murmured, eyes closed.


    I opened my eyes to a ring and a computer printout.

    “Marry me,” he said, “and we’ll go to Provence together.”

    I threw my arms around him, two dreams realized in one day.

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