Hurry up!

Wait. I can’t find my shoes.

They’re in the living room. Come on!

Wait. Have you seen my permission slip?

What permission slip?

We’re going to the zoo today. Didn’t you sign it?

You better be in front of me with your shoes on and your permission slip in your hand in 10 seconds.

Wait. I want to brush my teeth.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “Wait”

  1. Speaking of shoes: I had a long-time Japanese friend. He was always giving me old-country lore on habits, customs, cultures–whatever.
    One day I said, “There is a very old Japanese custom that you must leave your shoes at the same door you enter.
    He said, I never heard of that, Why?”
    I said, “That’s cause that’s where you left your shoes.”
    We both had back-slapping laugh–I got him!

  2. She had been given an injection to induce labor. The physician was preparing to leave on a skiing vacation a few days after Christmas and she suspected that he wanted all his end of December newborns delivered prior to leaving. Maria and her husband had attended “natural childbirth” classes which were based on the Lamaze Method. In 1960 it was the latest thing. She was excited. Years later it was agreed that during induced labor the pain begins immediately. The brain can’t respond to the pain of these contractions, and is not able to ‘be involved’ in the labor. There is no rest between breathing/pushing. Maria could have told them that then. Despite the physician and his assistant nurse loudly telling the panting/pushing Maria to “wait … wait,” that 8 lb. 14 oz. baby boy was determined to come into the world. Nothing was going to stop him. Think of it in terms of trying to stop a heavy bowling ball once it’s headed at full speed down the bowling alley! Wait! Wait! will not work.

  3. On Hold

    “Please Hold,” the voice at the other end of the line said,
    in a decidedly not American accent.
    I waited
    and considered where my call had gone–
    to India? Pakistan?
    The voice came back on the line.

    “Hello, I am Victor Hugo. How may I help you?”
    I had to smile. “Victor Hugo? You are working a call center
    and not writing your next great work?”
    He didn’t miss a beat.
    “No, Ma’am. I m working so that I may write at night.”

    We did not resolve my computer issue.
    I didn’t really care.
    I had talked to Victor Hugo.
    Not many people can say that.


    Eating with fingers, like a toddler. Responsive, like a toddler. Smiling, staring in curiosity. Easily distracted by food.

    ‘Who’s this?’ pointing to myself. She stares, like a toddler, trying to make sense of something.

    ‘Meggie?’ Uncertain, she shakes her head.
    ‘Yes! Your lassie. You’re ma mammy.’ Smiling, she stares, unconvinced.

  5. The new bride was nervous . She was sitting in a bus full of airmen and didn’t seem to know any one . Instead of making friends , she had whipped out her phone and was busy browsing .

    Suddenly the tune of a very popular prayer filled the bus . She answered the call and got up with a start .”What ? Wait . This is the wrong bus ?” Now all eyes swivelled to her , even glued-to-the-phones-eyes . She got up with a start and her purse fell down , spilling its contents in the process .

    “Wait , wait” , she kept saying into the phone , even as she crawled on her fours , retrieving her lipstick from underneath someone’s seat. Then , helplessly , she turned to her neighbour and asked in falsetto “This bus is not going to A?” Nearly all heads shook . Negative .

    She rushed down the footboard , in a flustered flurry of red and gold , some one handed her a coin purse that had rolled away too far .Smiling hastily in thanks , she lashed out at the caller ,” You couldn’t call me earlier , could you ? I would have reached elsewhere”.

    A bus slowly trundled past her and went round the bend , in slow motion .’ AF Station A’ was painted on its sides. The new bride and several passengers of the previous bus saw it. Someone gasped , the lady screamed “Wait !!”

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