The Sunset

A Del Mar sunset

The sunset blazed outside the window. Glen stood red faced, veins bulging, as he screamed at me. I knew what was coming next and I tried to calm him with my voice. I sat down and averted my eyes.

Then something snapped. I wasn’t going to take it. Not again. I picked up the heavy stone carving we’d brought home from Poland. I stood up and swung it. . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “The Sunset”

  1. I watch the sun set
    on what I once knew
    thought to be true:
    That our country was generous,
    kind, welcoming.
    It was a beautiful thing
    to be part of greatness,
    to feel that we had the answer,
    that we held the key
    to happiness.

    Now I know
    the answer was just words,
    not truth,
    the key only opened the door
    to bigotry and hate.
    I watch the sun set
    washed with the color of shame.

  2. The sunset, much like the rising of the sun, reminds us of the order of the universe and the beauty wrapped around this order. Some sunsets are more beautiful than others and some are just breathtaking. God shares this order and beauty with us on a daily basis, but how many of us really appreciate it?

  3. The sun was setting it seemed too quickly. The sky was painted a pale golden yellow with a deeper peach close down behind the dark blue shadow of the mountain. She could hear the goat herders speaking to the animals being led down the curving hills to the valley for the cold winter which was approaching soon. She sat in the grass drinking her martini listening to the soft bells worn around the goats’ necks, and the sun fade away. The curving primitive dirt road was ribbonlike as it made its way down the mountain and hills into the village. The sounds of the goat herders’ voices and the bells gently faded as they neared their destination. It was one of the most magical moments in her travels. One she would never forget.

  4. The phone rang .
    “Yeah , Ma.”
    “Hello!1 Bubu . You sound tired . where are you ?” Unnecessary questions . She knew already what was the matter .
    “How many days ?”
    “What ?”
    “How many days’ worth medicines are still with you ?” A sharp inhalation . Then a resigned sigh .
    “How did you know ?” She sighed .
    “I just know Ma .” She was already mentally calculating how many days the courier guy will take to deliver city manufactured medicines to this remote hamlet.
    ” Ten days’ more .”
    “Ok. Plenty of time .”
    “Thank you bubu. I hope this will not be too much trouble .”
    “Thank you my piece of moon . I cannot thank you enough .”
    After Ma had hung up , she tried visualising . Ma must be sitting on her bed , with her knitting . Baba must be in the next room , roughly , five feet away , also on his bed , all his medical books and precious english literature scattered in a million words around him , trying to make sense of all the information gathered over a lifetime . Surgical procedures , names of glaciers in Himalayas , Battles from half a century ago , Fromme , Sonne , Bulge , Siege of Leningrad or was it Stalingrad ? She couldn’t confide in her spouse , could she ? Ma had to confide in an offspring sitting 3000 kms away , in a city that spoke a language Ma could never comprehend .
    She looked out of the window . A brilliant orange orb was going down. Splashing the skies in waves of yellow , red and ochre .

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