The sign said ‘Pull’
But I didn’t read.

The earth said ‘Danger’
But I didn’t listen.

The man said ‘Hate’
And too many obeyed.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Pull”

  1. Why is it that I feel the pull of your memory tugging at me? I try not to think about you but the smallest nuance that reminds me of you triggers a memory. Why can’t I quit you? Why is there such agony in love after the ecstasy has vanished? Our souls communed in search of the divine, but in the end all that remained was a dark abyss between the two of us.

  2. The first great pull, a tug of destiny’s hand. Drawn to him. Sun and joy.

    Rains came. Pull, now like push, still drove. I push away, he pulls, ping pong. We hit a wall.

    No more, I root into ground earth, push into my strength.
    It’s winter… still he pulls.

  3. It was a metal and glass door , as they are wont to nowadays .
    The glass wasn’t transparent .
    Large red letters asked people on the outside to “Pull”.
    So , it was perplexing to see a group of people , waiting patiently outside .
    He lowered his legs from the noisy bullet , and looked at himself in the mirror. Passing a hand over his slicked hair , and stood up to see all eyes staring at his golden bike. He loved it . His golden shoes and the gold spray paint all over his 350cc new Royal Enfield.
    Gold chains swishing from his hip , the crowd parted as he swaggered up to the door and pulled with all his might.
    The door handle , smoothly detached itself and he stood holding a steel handle , with two screws hanging morosely .
    “It is locked from inside , bewakoofa( you moron !).” Someone screeched . Others sniggered and looked away.
    Not done yet , he set about trying to fix the handle in place , by screwing on with the aid of his bike key . Two minutes of this jingling -jangling and the door flew open .
    Our gold clad man was flung to a side and a 7 foot tall Punjab Police constable breathed fire into the crowd ” Who is breaking the door ?”
    The crowd shrunk away and pointed at the gold guy , slinking in the shadow with the uprooted handle clutched dolefully in his hand .Telling all .
    “When they write pull , never pull . Only knock .” he bellowed. The gigantor took the handle , and ushered everyone in ,with a nod of his mighty head.

  4. Sunlight
    all pull me
    like moth to flame
    to stand
    to stare
    to wonder
    But it is love’s light
    that pulls me to its heart
    surrounds me with its warmth
    makes me whole.

  5. she pulls me in
    so fast and close into her chest
    that our bodies melt into one
    we make each other warm and happy.
    the feeling of her beating heart against my chest.
    pulling me
    closer and closer and closer.
    Her hugs makes me happy.
    so tender.
    with such loving care
    I never want to forget this moment in her arms

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