Road Trip

“Let’s take a road trip,” he said. He clunked his coffee cup down on the table and dropped the newspaper.

“Where?” I asked.

“There’s an article in here about a bed and breakfast in the mountains north of Taos. You can see a million stars at night!”

“Do we need to drive to Taos to see a million stars?”

“The food there is 4 stars. Quiet, beautiful, great food. 4 stars . . .”

He looked at me, waiting.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Road Trip”

  1. Aye, I threw her out the house.  I told her – ‘I’ve done my job.’ She knows how to do everything. I grew up in foster care, I never had a mammy. This is my time.’

    The social worker listened intently.  ‘She’s sixteen, Janet.’
    ‘Aye, well, this is her road trip’

  2. The road trip took Layla to a hummingbird sanctuary in Cape May, New Jersey. She saw different species of hummingbirds and was amazed at their beauty and grace. She gathered enough information of their life span, maiting habits, flight patterns and importance in nature with the idea of including it in her new journal purchased at the sanctuary.

  3. The roads are empty . Some sweepers trying to clear up the roads of its accumulated dirt , over the last week . No school buses though . Sunday .

    Even parking lot guy was sleepy enough to ask me my registration number . Usually he is alert and fast enough to note it down before handing me over , the slip . 10 Rupees for 12 hours . The two wheelers are sparse . Sunday .

    Even the bus is late . I never wait for this bus . Today I waited for 5 min . The conductor takes his time to amble to my window seat . An old man with a young girl in yellow dupatta sits ahead of me . The wind from the open window slaps the faces and billows the dupatta into a transient yellow balloon .

    The horizon is rimmed with pink and grey , as the day breaks . Slowly , the world wakes up to a wash of liquid gold , blotting all breeze and early morning chill . Even as the bus trundles to its first stop , the stifle of heat slowly creeps up the footboards and golden light pools on seats .

  4. At 22 “Rooooaaaadddd Triiiiip” meant a semi-coherent weekend on a beach in Mexico.
    At 32 “Road Trip” meant a casual drive down the coast highway for a special anniversary vacation.
    At 42 “Road Trip” meant a well coordinated drive to Disney with the kids
    At 52 “Road Trip” means driving a loaded up U-Haul to drop the kids off at college
    At 62? I’ll let you know….

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