The Cloud

The cloud passed over the mountain, creating a dark shadow among the trees below. It reformed itself constantly as it glided silently toward the foothills. I could see it dropping rain in the arroyos for several minutes. Finally it drifted off in my direction and faded to nothing. No rain for me.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

7 thoughts on “The Cloud”

  1. As if it knew! It had been raining for days; 4-5 days at a stretch at times. I’m a SAD (Season Affective Disorder) person. I need the sun to get back my mojo. I LOVE the rain but I NEED the sunshine. I need both, rain and sunshine, to bloom.

  2. As we looked out the windshield, my mother and I agreed that the shape of the cloud resembled that of a bunny. The shapes were so distinct at times that both of us would always coincide with our answers. This was something we enjoyed doing on our long summer trips to Florida as my father drove. I still find myself looking at cloud formation on clear and sunny days to pick out clouds that resemble animals or other objects. It reminds me of my mother.

  3. A family of clouds watch while the midnight-blue Atlantic roars, rages forward, cheekily slapping the golden, flawless beach.

    Regurgitating, spewing the detritus of lazy cities and towns, weapons of ancient, indestructible plastic and the bodies of harmless dolphins, turtles, whales. The clouds grow darker still, pensive about nature’s survival.

  4. This corner of the planet , it is never ‘a cloud ‘. It is “the cloud “.

    No cirrus wisps of cottony innocence here . Here clouds come thick and fast , and dark . Ominous and numerous . Cumulonimbus . Piling one on top of the other . Heralded by winds , gusts and dust storms . There is a pale grey border , where one dark blue grey monster meets the other , or rather , lies on top of the other . In enormous piles of darkness , shutting off sunlight and meaning every inch of business .

    They begin with an innocuous pitter patter and then the sharp stinging pellets of raindrops lash you and you run for cover . Once , i drove my scooter in rain and got to experience , first hand , the meaning of the phrase “Blinding rain ” . There was no way one could keep one’s eyes open when one is being bombarded with sharp rain drops .

  5. Watching the dark clouds come together to form a shield around the perimeter. I stood frozen in place as I watched the gathering, thick and grey, heavy and close were the thoughts that came to my mind. I wondered what was looming beyond the clouds and if we could survive. As the clouds continued their descent, I felt as if I could reach my hands out and touch them. Lighting began to shock the sky and I knew a storm was brewing. Still I remained glued to the place I was standing, in amazement my eyes glanced from one side of the road to the other. Something is coming, what I do not know! All I know is that I am caught in the sight of the clouds in the sky!

  6. “The Cloud” … Why in God’s name would I want to send any of my information to “The Cloud?” Cheeze!!! It is so intimidating. The thought that somewhere there are remote servers that store data, manage data, run applications, deliver streaming videos or e-mail scares the heck out of me. As it is, when I am reading the news on my p.c. and things consistently pop up advertising goods or services it drives me crazy. I wish I were smart enough to ensure that no one knows me almost as well as I know myself out there. But every now and again something pops up on my screen that makes me wonder … that makes me shiver.

  7. They other students jeered him. They called him ‘The Cloud’ because of the odor that constantly surrounded him. They mocked his clothes that rarely changed. They condemned his shaggy hair and oily skin. They tossed his ragged backpack down the hall, scattering its contents everywhere. They saw him as human refuse and they wanted him to know it.

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