It was a bumper crop. A record breaking crop. We put folding chairs under the tree and sat in the shade eating peaches, gooey juice running down our chins, until we could eat no more. Then we filled up every bowl and basket we could find and walked the neighborhood spreading peachy goodwill. Everyone loves my peach tree.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Bumper”

  1. The traffic on the bridge was immense . Trucks loaded with sacks of potatoes, onions and greens , headed for the market . One huge bumper truck laden with bricks , creaking dangerously . Cars honking , stuck bumper to bumper. The august heat was sticky , and the bright sun was getting on people’s nerves .
    One wanted to reverse , and get out of the jam . But there was no way back either . So just sitting back and enjoying the chaos , if one can . One way was to roll up the windows , switch on the AC , and play music on the car radio . Another way was to stick out one’s head and enquire loudly with other drivers as to how long is it going to take .
    It could result in a tempo driver coming over and regaling you with his take on weather , state of the roads , and the current political situation . Or you could choose to stay in your peaceful bubble of tranquillity and pretend the others don’t exist.

  2. They both walked toward her parked car when he suddenly stopped. She had walked a few paces ahead when she noticed he had stayed behind. Turning her head she asked. “Why are you standing there?”
    “I was just wondering what the white oval sticker with the capital black letter E on your car’s bumper means.”
    “Erotic,” she answered. He stayed riveted to the spot, but this time, his jaw had dropped.

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