Yo, cousin!

“Yo, cousin!” he said. He was behind me. The music was loud. I ignored him and continued my conversation with the prettiest girl at the party, Elsa Chang.

He clapped me on the shoulder. “Hey, cuz, you ignoring me?”

I turned his way. “Yeah, I am. Get lost, dude.” He studied me, glanced at Elsa, winked, and headed toward a group of basketball players he knew.

When I turned back, Elsa was gone.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

One thought on “Yo, cousin!”

  1. He showed me the room on my way .
    “This is the one we will be shifting to , today ” , he gushed .
    I had my doubts though . The windows were taped shut . There was a pile of broken furniture piled outside in the balcony . Two enormous terracotta feeding bowls lay outside , a pool of dirty rainwater at the bottom , moss swimming on the surface.
    The walls were rain streaked .An air conditioner shaped hole remained on the wall, ill covered by a thin piece of flaky plywood , curling on the edges. The worst sight was upholstery torn off from sofa ,ostensibly ,by powerful canine jaws .
    After breakfast , I was given a group of boys armed with mops and brooms and we set off in the direction of the room .

    The room was dank , musty and smelt of dogs . It did not smell at all of a certain petite female who was supposed to have lived there.
    The sight that greeted us inside the room was far worse . One entire wall , in the prevalent , though inexplicable , trend of the times , was painted blood red . Constant rainwater collection on the roof had caused blood coloured seepage splotches , revealing the white underneath. Every square inch of the floor was dug up , viciously , again , a canine souvenir. It felt like standing on a small patch of desert with cupboards and beds for comfort . There were no signs of a human having lived there.

    All wooden furniture also bore claw marks speaking of the vicious beasts enclosed within the walls. The solitary tap in the bathroom leaked , drops dripping every two seconds.

    Boys entered and made a valiant attempt , swiping at cobwebby corners with their brooms and wrestling with the tap.

    I came out and stood in the sun .

    “Yo, Cousin ! ” Someone broke my reverie . A sunny chirpy female voice .I turned back to see her walking on the road , wearing a teeny skirt and an enormous pair of sunglasses , being tugged by two snarling german shepherds lunging towards me .

    “Oh I see! You are getting my old room . Bubbles and coochie coo loved this room !! Didn’t you boys ?”
    The” boys” dribbled saliva from their bared fangs on the grass.
    “They want their feeding bowls back , I will send someone . By the way , you must see my new accomodation . ”
    She pulled her “boys” away with superhuman strength , laughing away to herself .

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