Laundry Day

Hung Out to Dry - Evaporation

Are you old enough to remember when the task of doing the laundry was so huge that you set aside an entire day just for that? No, you probably aren’t. You probably always lived with a washer and a dryer in your house and you did laundry whenever you had a minute free to start it going.

These days laundry day is any day, any time. I thought we were going to have single use paper clothes by now. What an environmental nightmare that would have been. Dodged a bullet with that one.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

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8 thoughts on “Laundry Day”

  1. Laundry 🧺 is being hung outside, while the moms gossip about the town’s latest resident. 
” Have you seen him in Findlers? I’ve seen him twice now!” Gertrude whispered with this love sick dreamy expression. 
” He just arrived yesterday afternoon! Are you stalking him?” Amelia teasingly responded. 

  2. Prophesy

    Jeans and dresses, coverlets and towels
    hang in the sunshine, cheek by jowl.
    leaves drift ruby, gold, brown
    to hard-packed, drought-cracked ground.
    Today there is water enough;
    tomorrow may find empty troughs–
    clean clothes will seem a luxurious waste;
    what we use now, careless with haste
    will be the treasure that all will seek;
    the rich will get it, but not the meek.

  3. Sunday ,
    Sunday was the laundry day , before washing machines , driers and other too rapid gadgets came into our lives . Saturday night , the dirty clothes were sorted . Coloured clothes in one heap , white in the other . Scrub the collars and the cuffs . Soak . Sleep . Morning , pray for sun . Harsh , golden yellow sun . Wash ,wash and wash some more . Then string it up to dry . Be sure to put clips , or your undies will fly into the neighbours courtyard.
    The fingertips are crinkled , you are weary wet and happy .
    Bathe , eat and sunbathe . Sleep in the sun , if it is winter .
    Ironing will take whole of afternoon . School uniforms , shirts , skirts , pants , blouses .
    Sunday was the laundry day .

  4. We smelled so much better after laundry day. In a small single wide filled with kids and dogs and two parents who chain smoked, our clothes smelled pretty rank. When the clothes were taken down from the line, you could smell the sunshine and breeze as you slipped on your freshly washed t-shirt. It was a great feeling.

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