I Remember


I remember the first balloon fiesta I attended. It was 1978. It was a mass ascension morning. It was cold and the grass was wet, drenching my feet and socks. When the balloons began inflating it was the most thrilling sight I’d ever seen. The giant, bright colors towering overhead were thrilling. The sound of the gas burners (and the blessed heat for those standing nearby) was thrilling. Being surrounded by nothing but bright color was thrilling. Watching the balloons gently lift into the sky was thrilling. Balloon fiesta never gets old. Mass ascensions never get old. I’ve been back many times and I’m always thrilled by the experience all over again.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “I Remember”

  1. I remember
    being the goddess of chaos
    frying manchurian balls
    doing dishes
    ironing clothes
    and trying to water the plants
    all at the same time
    She walked in like
    a silent angel
    in a saree
    elbowed me out
    of the sinkful of
    so I could finish
    my manchurian
    plant a new variety
    of seeds
    and iron collars
    as I watched
    them grow
    while the
    recipe burnt
    in the pan

  2. I remember all of the first ones. SMACK! A slap. BAM! a punch WHISHHHPIT. A lick. After the first one, the rest all ran together; whether it was five or twelve or thirty, the first one was the memorable one. You could see the anger brewing so we tried to slip out quietly; before the eruption and the inevitable damage field. The hardest part wasn’t the physical pain, it was the unpredictability and the surprise. We could just be sitting there doing our homework and SMACK – we’d get rapped with the yardstick; maybe for swinging our legs under the chair, maybe for nothing at all.

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