I Thought

I thought I would pull some weeds,
But I didn’t.
I thought I would cook healthy,
But I didn’t.
I thought I would keep in touch,
But I didn’t.
I thought I would write something new,
And I did.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “I Thought”

  1. “So sorry ma’am ,” Anu stood on the landing . Wringing her hands , wearing a terribly guilty look on the face.
    The boss swept in , holding a packet of streamers in her right hand , aloft ,like a torch . Statue of liberty . A very pissed off statue . Bathed , perfumed, in a cloud of aromatic efficiency .
    “I thought the meet was tomorrow.” Anu wasn’t going to let go an opportunity at self-flagellation .
    “Sadist!!” hissed Sujata , seated at her desk.
    “No, masochist”, corrected Ashok , “self- hate” explained Murthy.
    Sujata rolled her eyes . She always rolled her eyes .

    All fell silent when the Statue drifted in , with guilt ridden Anu in tow .

    “Anu darling !!” The Boss stopped moving , the streamers stopped scraping the floor .
    “Yes Ma’am ?” Eager -to -please Anu .
    “Here , hold these .” Boss handed her over the files , streamers , buntings , all that had adorned her , hitherto.
    Anu disappeared under all the streamers , with gratitude. Boss, freed from all that paraphernalia , swept her mascaraed eyes over the entire floor.
    Everyone else pretended to be busy , very busy . Clickety clack , went everyone’s keyboards .

    Boss clapped . All looked up .
    “Okay!! Everyone , listen up !! Did anyone “Think” That the meet was tomorrow . ” The boss meant Anu , and Anu flushed .
    The white buntings turned pink with her shame .
    There was a moment of silence . The type at funerals , for the departed soul , etc etc .
    “The meet is TODAY” , The boss thundered , and everyone , on cue , jumped to their feet .

    “Please do not “think ” . Here , you are paid to “Not think ” . “I DO NOT WANT ANY THOUGHTS !!”
    Everyone bustled around .

    Buntings around Anu’s neck turned a shade darker pink.

  2. I thought about my dog. I thought of his exuberant “smile” as a puppy, bounding toward me in the kitchen. And now I think of his wobbly, lopsided gait and tired, open-mouthed “hello” and grey whiskers and how I love him even more.

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