Walk with me

Fall Color

It’s that time of year when getting out for a walk is the perfect thing to do. The temperature is tolerable. The colors around you make you feel alive and refresh your soul. The leaves underfoot crunch and make you want to skip or dance. It’s lovely outside, walk with me.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Walk with me”

  1. Taking a leisure stroll enjoying this moment. Many take family for granted until they are gone. Me, I want to enjoy this precious time with you. Watching you jump in puddles, looking to see if I am watching or playing with rocks and learning how they feel with their different textures and sizes. Or even pushing you on the slides and especially holding your little hand in mine as we walk along the road. Noticing the trees and leaves. Yes, people often take family time for granted, me I will soak up all this time moment by moment.

  2. The last of the tomatoes are picked, green
    and almost red, to be stored in the cellar,
    cold stone and dark where they will ripen
    without sun or heat.

    The garden is slowly going to rest;
    beets and leeks and kale, hardy souls,
    linger on, raising defiant green heads
    to the coming frost.

    Walk with me through summer memories
    on these garden paths, remember
    how tomato juice dripped from our chins,
    how we cut cucumbers in chunks
    right where they grew,and marveled
    at the sweetness.

  3. The lady with the two dogs . We always met her at the corner . The corner where the baker would have baked a fresh batch of cup cakes . The air redolent with the fragrance of baking goodies and crushed grass . Couldn’t get any better.

    The new lady at the first bungalow , watering her plants . Greeting loudly . I would be going to her , in a weeks’ time , looking for curry leaves. I didn’t know that then . The surgeon pedalling away , his bald pate shining with sweat of industry . The paediatrician playing with his boy , who came bounding up at the sight of us .

    The spooky, abandoned house with the caved in garage , where a gigantic tree had fallen three months ago . The giant eucalyptuses , swayed and whispered amongst themselves behind our backs . The barracks where a hastily drawn curtain would give away some watcher .
    See !! I just walked you with me 🙂

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